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Roan Bernould

     "The power unit is damaged again? Elicia, how many times did I tell you not to put too much fire in the crystal? (sigh) You combusted this poor thing one too many times already!"

Age: 21 (Velsieu 35, 2365 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Belkout Branch / Elgram Magecraft Manufacturing
Rank: Intermediate Reinforcer
Height/Weight: 176 cm/61 kg

A magecraft technician working at the Elgram Corporation in Belkout, Roan is a close acquaintance of Elicia Rutherford and a former assistant in her mother's workshop before the incident that claimed Althene's walking ability away. Like Elicia, Roan is also a Reinforcer and used to be her supervisor before moving out to Belkout, but an injury forced him to stay away from combat-related duties to this day. He seems to be laid-back, but he always takes his job seriously.

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Last update: 2015-05-08

Elicia Rutherford

     "...'Midget', you said? I didn't mishear anything just now, am I? All right, this is it...you're in for some hellfire!"

Age: 16 (Rengeis 44, 2371 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Royal Capital Branch / Royal Academy of Hacelya
Rank: Trainee Reinforcer
Height/Weight: 153 cm/46 kg

A trainee Reinforcer registered under the Royal Capital Reinforcers' Guild branch, Elicia is also a student in the Royal Academy of Hacelya. Born from a family of legendary alchemists dating back from Ancient Inseria, Elicia has the natural talent and interest for the field despite said knowledge had long dwindled down in the branch of her family. As a student, she is intelligent and hardworking, but resentment and jealousy from her peers has turned her into an abrasive and difficult person. Nonetheless, she is an innately kind and caring person, as far as her sister Althene and surrogate older brother Roan attested. She seems to have peculiar fondness towards fire, something that is especially apparent when anyone hits her sore spot: her height.

Althene Rutherford

     "I'm sure Mother doesn't want to be forgotten, that's why my sister picked up where she left off. Still...I just wish we could reconcile with Father, somehow...I don't want Sis to shoulder everything by herself just because she doesn't want me to resent Father the way she does."

Age: 14 (Argol 7, 2373 SC)
Affiliation: None
Rank: None
Height/Weight: 155 cm/42 kg

Younger sister of Elicia Rutherford, Althene spends most of her life in their late mother's workshop after an incident caused her to lose most of her ability to walk and turned the relationship between their father and her sister sour. While lacking the combat prowess her sister possesses, Althene is almost as intelligent as she is and can be frequently seen helping Elicia around. Althene's personality contrasts heavily with Elicia, but she greatly admires her elder sister and aspires to become as good as her sister is. However, the very fact that their father strongly opposes Elicia's path deeply troubles her, and she inadvertently sees herself as a burden for both her sister and father due to her condition.

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Felrean Gramford

     "Such a deceit, isn't it, what your eyes just gave you to see? That's why you need to trust your other senses as well; when one lies, the others will guide you to the truth."

Age: 26 (Trameiel 7, 2360 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Orscra Port Branch, 1st Unit
Rank: Senior Reinforcer / Guildmaster / Unit Leader
Height/Weight: 185 cm/77 kg

Younger son of former Reinforcer Remnas Gramford, Felrean is a close acquaintance of Leonard Ramtieger and a skilled swordsman in his own right. Formerly a knight serving the Royal Guards with his elder brother Altegrus, a certain incident during Lascaluna Disaster forced them to retire as well as causing the loss of one of his eyes. Today, Felrean serves as a Reinforcer, highly regarded for his skills and experience as a Guildmaster despite his young age and the rough start of his career. He is close to Anlier, although the two deny that they're together whatsoever...to no one's belief.

Anlier Leimdall

     "I must say, I'm scared. More than anyone else, I'm scared of my own nature...the fact that I'm different from many people. But Felrean...no, the entire Gramford family...and my mother, too, accepted me unquestioningly. That's why...I have to fight off my fear."

Age: Unknown
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Orscra Port Branch, 2nd Unit
Rank: Intermediate Reinforcer
Height/Weight: 163 cm/56 kg

A young woman found by Felrean and his brother Altegrus during the Lascaluna incident amidst the remains of Lascaluna Warfare Research Facility. Not much is known regarding her background as she also seems reluctant to talk about it, but it's clear that she is truly grateful towards the Gramford family who took her in and is very devoted to them - especially Felrean. Despite her gentle and graceful appearance, she is a skilled combatant in her own right - possibly surpassing Felrean. It's also suspected that she is related to Will somehow due to possessing natural regenerative ability seen on him as well, but how exactly they're related, no one knows...

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Last update: 2015-05-04

Walter Ramtieger

     "Oh, for the love of--can't you let me spend one day off in peace for once?! (sigh) ...Never mind, I'll take care of it."

Age: 23 (Premia 17, 2364 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Carcocena Branch, 5th Unit
Rank: Intermediate Reinforcer / Unit Leader
Height/Weight: 184 cm/78 kg

An Intermediate Reinforcer hailing from Carcocena, Walter is the biological son of renowned hero Leonard Ramtieger. True to his lineage, he possesses remarkable combat skills and strong sense of justice, making him a reliable figure for many situations despite his relatively young age. Together with his father, he seeks to unearth the secrets surrounding the long-cold case of Lascaluna Disaster, which is seemingly tied to his adoptive brother William's mysterious past.

William Ramtieger

     "Um, just leave it to me. Nothing can harm me easily, remember?"

Age: 19 (Unknown date, 2368 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Carcocena Branch, 5th Unit
Rank: Novice Reinforcer
Height/Weight: 159 cm/51 kg

Leonard Ramtieger's adopted son and Walter's younger brother, Will serves as a Novice Reinforcer together with his elder brother and surrogate sister Stella. Despite his timid appearance and lack of blood ties, his spirit and abilities nonetheless prove that he is a Ramtieger through and through. Found amidst the charred land of Lascaluna eleven years ago, much of Will's background remains mystery for many to this day, including but not limited to his combat skills and natural regenerative ability.

Stella Lamgris

     "You should've been aware by now that you're not good at hiding things, Walter. Not in front of me...see? There goes the troubled face again."

Age: 21 (Melcave 14, 2366 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Carcocena Branch, 5th Unit
Rank: Intermediate Reinforcer
Height/Weight: 161 cm/55 kg

Daughter of a renowned blacksmith and Leonard Ramtieger's trusted friend Adrian Lamgris, Stella is a childhood friend of Walter and Will as well as the closest person they consider a family outside the Ramtieger circle. A skilled blacksmith and combatant in her own right, Stella possesses an almost monstrous innate strength that is easily camouflaged by her petite appearance, capable of terrifying anyone who had witnessed her strength first-hand. While she has rather fierce temper, Stella's insightful and empathic nature makes her a valuable ally for people around her.

Clarisse Arthesta

     "Psh, I'll even bet my escr on the 170-year-old Lennoix champange...when the boss isn't around, that is."

Age: 24 (Rengeis 33, 2363 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Carcocena Branch, 3rd Unit
Rank: Senior Reinforcer
Height/Weight: 174 cm/66 kg

A Senior Reinforcer stationed in 3rd unit of Carcocena branch, Clarisse is the younger sister of Senior Reinforcer Maria Arthesta who went missing eleven years ago during Lascaluna Disaster. A skilled Reinforcer through and through, she lives up to her sister's name despite their hugely contrasting personality and her own insecurities for being overshadowed by the tale of Maria's achievements. Despite her apparent irresponsibility due to her easygoing nature and drinking habit, her ability to remain calm in all kinds of situations is exactly why a lot of people put their trust on her.

Leonard Ramtieger

     "My beloved wife, my student...the person my son considered as his own elder sister...I had lost them. Then I nearly lost my own son too. What I wouldn't do to protect my children? Nothing. If I have to dirty my hands along the way and let myself fall from grace for their sake, so be it."

Age: 50 (Landoh-Or 18, 2336 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Carcocena Branch, 1st Unit
Rank: Senior Reinforcer / Guildmaster / Unit Leader
Height/Weight: 187 cm / 85 kg

Walter and William Ramtieger's father, Leonard is a veteran Reinforcer who is hailed as a national hero for his countless contribution for the kingdom and, more importantly, Her citizens as a whole. A man who is able to see potentials inside anyone under his wing and help them grow, he instills respect and loyalty even from his most difficult subordinates. As one of the first-generation Reinforcers still serving to this day, Leonard possesses vast knowledge regarding the kingdom's on-goings and experience to back it up, but said knowledge was also paid by the death of his wife and disappearance of one of his most trusted students. Perhaps for this reason, he is more than willing to do anything for his children's well-being, no matter what underhanded methods he has to use for that end...

Wheeler Macdowell

     "...I see, your unconditional devotion...that is your source of strength. But remember well, Walter. Often, the seemingly noble things are the ones that end up breaking one's spirit. Such devotion is no exception."

Age: 24 (Landa 16, 2363 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Carcocena Branch
Rank: Senior Reinforcer
Height/Weight: 178 cm / 71 kg

A Senior Reinforcer under Leonard Ramtieger's wing, although he works independently instead of being part of the Guildmaster-led First Unit. Cold and no-nonsensical, Wheeler is a skilled Reinforcer whose ability rivals many members of the First Unit, but his unfriendliness and difficulty to work with others make him unsuitable for regular duties. Not much is known regarding his background apart from the fact that Leonard took him in as a Reinforcer trainee years ago, so not many dare to question his ability despite their reluctance to trust him. He seems to have particular sore spot towards the Lascaluna Disaster case, judging from his rather antagonistic reaction towards Will.

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Last update: 2015-04-20


Also known as aros corruption or Guardians' curse, this term refers to a phenomenon where the flow of aros within certain area is heavily distorted to the point it becomes harmful to anyone and anything within the area. First sighted during the fall of Ancient Inserian civilization, occurrences of the corruption has become more frequent since, with the corruption at Lascaluna being the most notorious case to date due to the extensive damage it has caused. One thing for certain, however, is that the records of history have shown that all occurrences of aros corruption were tied with humanity one way or another, hence why the phenomenon is sometimes considered as a punishment from the Guardians by the more religious inhabitants of the planet.


The earliest case of aros corruption can be traced back to the final years of of Ancient Inserian era near the end of the first millenium of Stellaria Calendar, where the heat of Final War of Tastiela resulted in the deployment of mass-destruction artifacts by the warring sides to gain control over the battles. Due to the way the artifacts worked, however, the aros flow in the land of Tastiela gradually became distorted as the war dragged on, ultimately killing the majority of the land's inhabitants when an artifact called Stairway of Light went out of control and causing massive aros distortion. With the land no longer habitable, the remaining few of Inserian people were scattered across the continent of Aldasia as they tried to evacuate themselves, while the land of Tastiela was deserted for the next 290 years before the corruption finally cleared itself.

The signs of corruption appeared once again centuries after the demise of Ancient Inseria, where people started to look into magecrafts as potential tool for their advancement in many fields - battles included. With the early magecrafts based themselves on the very same artifacts those resulted in the ancient people's demise, the outcome was about as well as everyone had predicted, ranging from the desertion of Arza-Feures Federation's southeastern islands to the destruction of many villages in Kingdom of Magdella. Most notorious case to this day, however, is the corruption surrounding the region of Lascaluna following Lascaluna Disaster incident, said to be even worse than the tragedy that wiped out the ancient land not far-off in the distant past...


In normal situation, any living being in Elescia recovers their sola reserve by naturally absorbing aros from their surroundings; however, this is not the case when they come into contact with the distortion, in which the sheer irregularity of the aros flow makes it difficult for their body to adapt and absorb the aros. At best, the distortion merely prevents natural sola regeneration; however, in many cases the irregularity ends up draining a living being's sola more than it should have been, as well as causing physical ailments. It's also very likely for death to occur in corrupted areas, as shown in the aftermath of Lascaluna Disaster.

During the early stage of the affliction, an affected individual will start out feeling nauseous, as well as being unable to concentrate upon trying to use magic. As the symptoms worsen, the individual will gradually lose their senses before they finally become so ill until any attempt to purify the corruption within them becomes no longer effective. When the corruption finally hits its worst, any attempt to use magic will instantly kill the afflicted individual due to how unstable the sola flow within their body has become.

An aros corruption doesn't only affect living beings, but also magecrafts and aros-storing materials. When the power unit of a magecraft is affected by the distortion, the magecraft may end up drawing improper amount of energy than it should, thus potentially damaging the magecraft. Condensed aros crystals containing magic are generally more resistant to the corruption, but since their energy may deplete over time due to the distortion, the condensed crystals should be used as soon as possible.


When an area is affected by aros corruption, the time required for the contamination to dissipate itself depends on the area and density of said corruption. In general, it takes 5-6 years for a town affected by medium-density corruption to be habitable once again, although usage of neutralizer magecraft may help to speed up the process. Large-scale corruption, however, may take at least one century to dissipate itself even with the help of neutralizers, practically sentencing the area to its demise.

Treatment and Neutralization

To neutralize the corruption within an afflicted subject, the individual must first be carried into safety. Small-scale aros corruption will disappear on its own as the individual's body absorbs normal aros to wash away the distortion; however, in more terminal cases a large amount of condensed aros is generally required to speed up the recovery. Depending on their condition, medical treatment may also be required to heal the affected subject.

Usage of neutralizer magecraft may help to dissipate or slow down the corruption; however, depending on the density of the distortion, one must always have plenty of condensed aros reserve in hand due to how fast the pure aros will deplete itself within the distortion. In addition, neutralizer magecrafts must be replaced on regular basis due to how the distortion gradually affects the magecrafts beyond their power system.

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Last update: 2015-04-19


Happened in Argol 23, 2376 SC, Lascaluna Disaster is a tragedy that killed almost ten thousand citizens of Kingdom of Magdella through a giant explosion originating from the valley of Lascaluna. The explosion caused a massive earthquake that spread through half of Aldasia continent and a giant fire that reduced the land of Lascaluna into ashes. The disaster caused the death of at least 7,000 citizens and a huge number of military personnel stationed in Lascaluna Defense Research Facility, as well as wiping three small towns in Lascaluna region off the map, namely Creda, Margi, and Lerdo. In addition, the fire also spread to the southern part of Belkout, damaging roughly 20% of the industrial city.

Official papers from the Royal Army reported a faulty experimental magecraft from the research facility as the cause of the explosion, although the truth has yet to be proven. An investigation was conducted for four months shortly after the incident by the authorities of the kingdom, although it was abruptly halted by the Royal Army with the aforementioned papers and has been left hanging since. This sudden termination raised suspicion among the citizens and authorities alike; however, with severe punishment awaiting not only anyone who dares to attempt continuing the investigation but also those who try to step their feet in the now heavily-restricted area, no conclusion has been reached regarding the incident since.

While it has been mostly remembered as nothing but another unfortunate tragedy befalling the kingdom in the present, Lascaluna Disaster somewhat remains a topic of interest for citizens and law enforcers alike. The true cause, as well as the exact number of the tragedy's survivors have spawned endless speculations, with various conspiracy theories circulating around the debates related to the incident. There are suspicions of development of mass-destruction weapons' development and illegal experiments on humans, but without solid evidence to prove, they remain as nothing but rumors to this day...

Prelude and Signs

The Lascaluna incident was not exactly unpredicted; at least twelve hours before the explosion occurred, various settlements located not far from the edge of Lascaluna Valley reported the sightings of massive animal migration at unnatural pace, in addition to abnormal readings recorded from the city of Belkout. Upon receiving the reports, the Reinforcers' Guild immediately issued evacuation order to the citizens inhabiting Lascaluna region, sending some of their Reinforcers to help.

What the citizens and Reinforcers' Guild did not expect, however, was the scale of destruction the disaster was about to cause. Despite the early warning and evacuation attempt, the explosion that appeared from the center of Lascaluna was completely unprecedented, and within hours after its occurrence a massive earthquake shook not only the area surrounding the valley, but over half of Aldasia continent as a whole. Worse, the valley's forest-dominant terrain caused the resulting fire to spread quickly, covering the entire valley in sea of flames in mere hours after its beginning.

As a result of the continent-wide earthquake, the mainland area of Magdella fell into chaos; the mass panic left the Reinforcers' Guild shorthanded in their attempts to both defuse the situation and to investigate the incident, and the destruction of the research facility became a major blow for the Royal Army. With the major communication systems were downed and the fire spreading through Lascaluna had not ceased, all attempts to investigate the incident and to rescue the potential survivors met significant delay, causing further discord.


While a large number of citizens were saved thanks to the Guild's immediate course of action, the evacuation attempt ultimately still ended in failure as more of the valley's citizens were caught in the destruction than the ones surviving, with 46 of the Reinforcers sent to help with the evacuation fell into casualties in the ensuing tragedy. In addition, the military took a major blow with at least two thousands of their personnel stationed in Lascaluna Defense Research Facility were caught in the explosion, as well as the facility itself being reduced to ashes. The entire area of Lascaluna has also been afflicted by aros corruption as a result, leaving the valley unsuitable for living for at least next 100 years.

Shortly afterwards, an investigation was conducted by the joint forces of the Royal Army and Reinforcers' Guild, but a certain finding by the Guild caused the investigation to be cut short after four months under the direct order of Crown Prince Faldier Elscrad. This abrupt halt caused the relationship between the Guild and the Royal Army to turn sour, with the rumors circulating afterwards causing huge popularity drop for both the Royal Army once again. The situation eventually died down after a while, but the distrust between the two authority bodies remains to this day.

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A magecraft is a special type of machinery dedicated for generating or making use of magic based on the Guardian Deities' power. The magecraft technology is an almost inseparable part of the modern world of Elescia, with 73% of the existing machinery in the world are designed and operated based on the Guardians' magic. Application of magecraft ranges from daily needs such as heater and stove into large-scale weapons for war.

General Construction of Magecraft

Regardless of its application, a magecraft is generally comprised of these essential components:

  • Power unit
    The most crucial section of a magecraft is its power unit, which serves to process aros or its user's sola reserve. When activated, a certain amount of energy will be drawn from the energy source based on the signal received from the elemental oscillator unit to be converted into usable spell by the spell generation unit. Once the conversion process is finished, the spell will be released automatically through casting unit which can be located inside or outside the magecraft system.
  • Elemental oscillator unit
    Another important part of a magecraft is its elemental oscillator unit, which consists several circuits or quartz crystals those generate signals with frequencies those correspond with certain elementals. Aside from the elemental-indicator signals, a clock signal of fixed frequency is also generated to indicate the length and pattern of the combined signal. These signals are then transmitted to other units to generate the desired spell.
  • Spell generation unit
    After the pattern of the spell and the required amount of energy are determined, the next step is to process them through spell generation unit - also known as power conversion unit. The complexity of a spell generation unit depends on the purpose of the magecraft; for example, a heater magecraft for home usage will have much simpler spell generator unit compared to the one used in industrial activities.


Before getting their hands on a magecraft, a potential user is advised to possess the basic skill and knowledge required to keep their magecraft in check. The most basic task one need to be able to do with their magecraft is recharging the energy reserve, as well as replacing the signal generating parts in the elemental oscillator unit. The required parts for these tasks are widely available in magecraft workshops at relatively affordable prices.

While the aforementioned actions are generally enough to ensure a magecraft's sustainability, it is also recommended to bring the magecraft to the nearest workshop for periodical check. Failure in crucial parts such as spell generation unit may happen without warning, and the delicate nature of these sections requires high caution for their care.

Magecraft Jamming

A magecraft jamming is the situation when a magecraft's internal working is disturbed, thus preventing the magecraft from working properly if not disabling it altogether. Magecraft jamming is usually employed on purpose through anti-magecraft perimeters, although certain places in Elescia have particular environmental characteristics that may cause this phenomenon.

There are several ways for the jamming to happen:

  • The disruption towards the signal from the elemental oscillator unit, usually through noises of the same frequency as the oscillator unit's clock signal.
  • Disturbance towards the mechanical system of the magecraft, one of which may happen in areas with strong magnetic field.
  • Power unit malfunctioning, such as by interfering with the flow of sola or aros inside the magecraft.

While not always effective, there are several ways to prevent magecraft jamming; replacing the clock signal generator with a compatible different frequency generator and shielding magecraft being the most common methods to solve the problem. Preventing power flow disruption, however, is generally more difficult, especially in areas affected by aros corruption. One must always take caution when attempting to fix the jamming problem, as the taken course of action may end up permanently damaging the magecraft when done poorly.

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The magic in Elescia is strongly tied to the existence of Guardian Deities; the energy originating from the Guardians - sola and aros - is a basic requirement for the inhabitants of this world to be able to use magic, while the natural elemental affinity a living being possesses affects the effectiveness of their magic usage. In addition, it's highly possible for a certain type of magic to disappear from the world shall the Guardian associated with it disappear from history, such as the time manipulation magic told in ancient stories.

In Elescia, magic is essentially inseparable from the daily lives of its inhabitants; for example, first-aid actions tend to use water-based magic or condensed aros imbued with healing properties, and most of the existing machines are powered with aros and operate by using magic. However, not everything in life can be done through magic - at least, modern, well-known magic; for example, magic cannot be used to fix machines in an instant, or to bring a comatose person back to consciousness. Even if it was possible, the usage of magic for such actions are generally regarded as taboo, especially if it toys with the natural cycle of life.

Learning and Using Magic

In order for someone to be able to use magic effectively, one must understand their elemental affinity; in other words, knowing which elements work best with them and which ones don't suit them. A rough estimation on one's elemental affinity can be done by using low-level spells and assess their effectiveness; however, a proper assessment can be done in Elemental Research Center located in many settlements of the kingdom. The assessment is done by using a limiter magecraft that allows the user to use magic at "standard" level, and the rest goes in the same way as self-assessment method.

Learning magic can be done through either self-study or proper courses available at the Elemental Research Centers or schools. These courses are not limited to learning how to use certain type of magic, but also include other aspects such as concentration improvement or magecraft usage. While this is generally enough to master the usage of common magic, those who wish to become high-level magicians need to maximize their abilities in their own way, such as by experimenting to create their own unique spells.

Elemental Affinity

Elemental affinity refers to the compatibility rate of an individual towards each element based on the Guardian Deities. When the individual possesses high compatibility to an element, the magic associated with the element will become more effective when used by or to support them as well as becoming less harmful when the magic is used against them. On the other hand, the opposite holds true when the person possesses low compatibility with the element.

While it's rather common, an individual's elemental affinity is not necessarily shaped by their surroundings; for example, people who live in lakeside and coastal areas generally have strong affinity towards water elemental, but there are also plenty of cases when they actually have neutral, if not weak affinity altogether. A person's elemental affinity may gradually change as time passes; however, it is possible for one's affinity to change drastically under certain situations. An example of this drastic change is William Ramtieger, whose affinity towards darkness elemental became severely weakened after he developed nyctophobia following his near-death experience during Lascaluna Disaster.

Usage Methods

There are several methods to utilize magic in the world of Elescia, with the methods elaborated below being the most common ones:

  1. Vocalization / Incantation
    The standard, "classic" way to utilize magic in the world of Elescia is by offering prayer for the Guardians in order to draw their strength. In the present day, the incantation is done using a primitive version of one of the languages used in Ancient Inseria - the Ixa-Fieln language. See the entry regarding Ixa-Fieln language for more details.

    Normally, the time needed and length of the incantation depends on the type of the spell; naturally, higher-level spells require more time to complete. A key factor to this type of magic usage is the user's concentration; as long as the caster doesn't lose their focus, they can freely delay, hold, or separate the incantation however they wish. On the other hand, the vocalization has to be restarted from the beginning when the caster loses their concentration, thus making them rather vulnerable in combat. Integrating the incantation with other methods generally alleviates the problem, although this is fairly difficult to do.
  2. Magecraft
    The most common method to utilize magic in present-day Elescia is through the usage of magecraft - a special type of machinery that serves to generate magic. Magecrafts come in various forms, ranging from simple pocket watch to heavy-caliber weapons. Magecrafts can either use an individual's sola reserve or powered by condensed aros, thus making them accessible for everyone even those with weak elemental affinity.

    Since magecraft generates magic using machinery, this type of magic usage possesses far greater advantage than traditional incantation due to its casting speed and difficulty to interfere unless the internal system is disturbed. On the other hand, magecraft's specific design may end up limiting the extent of the user's ability in magic, as well as being completely useless against anti-magecraft perimeter - an area where magecraft activity is jammed.

    For further information, please see the magecraft entry.
  3. Condensed Aros Crystal
    The third possible way to utilize magic is by using aros crystals, which can be created by alchemists. These crystals may contain pure, unconverted aros or specific ready-for-use spells. An aros crystal's durability depends on its usage and the amount of energy stored within, as well as whether it is rechargable or disposable.
  4. Engraved Runes
    A rune is a certain set of patterns containing visualized commands that functions to convert sola reserve or aros into spells. Depending on the commands, a rune may simply function to process the energy to be used for a spell, or to release specific spells altogether. Runes generally take greater energy consumption; in addition to the energy required to cast a certain spell, some energy is also required to do the conversion process itself.

    Compared to other methods, rune usage is much less common nowadays and has been mostly rendered obsolete due to how energy-costly it is, often preventing the rune's bearer from using high-level spells without passing out. Nonetheless, this method has its own advantages, most notably its nigh-instant casting time, thus becoming handy when time and chance are crucial.
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Reinforcer, to put it in a way, is the rough equivalent of a police in Kingdom of Magdella. As the name suggests, the purpose of a Reinforcer is to support those they lend their service to - specifically, the citizens of the kingdom. Starting out as part of the Royal Army, the Reinforcers eventually gained greater authority over time before they finally became their own independent force under Reinforcers' Guild.

The Reinforcers' Guild central command is located in the Capital City of Armieda, while the branch Guilds are spread throughout the country in the major settlements of the kingdom. Each branch is headed by a Guildmaster who commands several units, all of which are tailored to suit the settlement's condition; for example, the Belkout branch has several units specializing in magecraft, while Loscrell branch has a few units dedicated for mining works. A Reinforcer must always be registered under certain branch; those with high mobility may opt to register themselves under Central Branch affiliation to make paperwork easier.


Initially formed as part of Magdellan Royal Army in 2358 SC, Reinforcers started out as nothing but "PR division" following the Army's declining popularity among citizens after the death of Crown Princess Eshterine Vieria Elscrad in a coup d'etat attempt by Major General Renall Heschlett. The formation also serves to answer public demand for a citizens-oriented force that will protect them directly in times of danger, so most of the candidates were drafted from citizens themselves. Among the first few Reinforcers were Senior Reinforcer Leonard Ramtieger - in the present serving as the Guildmaster of Carcocena Branch - and Remnas Gramford, whose son Felrean now serves as the Guildmaster of Orscra Branch.

Due to its formation during one of the kingdom's most difficult times, Reinforcers were not warmly welcomed at first; they were often treated like dirt and given ridiculous tasks with no gratitude at all in return. At least one-fourth of the initial Reinforcers resigned as a result due to the poor treatment they received, which was not helped by most of the higher authorities of the Royal Army turning a blind eye on them. Naturally, this served only to worsen the Army's face as a whole, to the point the Reinforcers almost met their disbandment due to how much this movement had backfired on them.

Those who stayed, however, ultimately won the well-deserved respect people had owed to them for so long.

Eight months after the Reinforcers' initial formation, the Kingdom of Magdella was engaged in another conflict against the Federation of Arza-Feures, threatening the citizens living near the border. The situation finally hit its worst when several rogue soldiers from the Federation attempted to occupy the towns in Lascaluna region, taking numerous workers in the now-defunct mines of Lascaluna as hostages. This incident incited the anger of Magdellan citizens, threatening an all-out war between the two countries.

With most of the main force of the Royal Army being engaged in skirmishes throughout the Magdellan-Federation border, any attempt to rescue the hostages was left to the Reinforcers - something that could be considered downright suicidal due to how outnumbered they were. Against all odds, however, the Reinforcers managed to pull through the rescue mission with few casualties thanks to Leonard and Remnas' plan, as well as the help from an Army detachment led by Elsa Berschere. The Reinforcers' heroic action turned citizens' opinion on them, and the relatively peaceful resolution on the matter eventually helped to defuse the conflict between the kingdom and the Federation.

Following Leonard and Remnas' success, the sympathy for the Reinforcers continued to grow, and many citizens eventually aspired to become Reinforcers as well. Their popularity eventually helped them to gain more authorities among the kingdom's law enforcers, and when it became increasingly clear that the Reinforcers had grown too big to remain as part of the Royal Army, the Reinforcers finally became their own independent force in 2359 SC under the banner of Reinforcers' Guild. Although Leonard played a huge role in the improvement of the Reinforcers' condition, he refused to take part in the Guild's leadership and instead left it to Remnas, only stepping up as a Guildmaster years later after Remnas retired from the Guild following his wife's failing health.

Organizational Structure

A Reinforcers' Guild is headed by a Guildmaster, with the one stationed in the Capital generally regarded as the one with the highest authority. Each guild consists several units, all of which are led by Reinforcers with at least Intermediate rank and excellent track record. The Guildmasters themselves double as the leaders of their respective branch's First Unit, which generally focus on high-difficulty tasks; to put it simply, the elite unit.

It should be noted that despite the structure, a Reinforcer's duty is not limited to the unit they belong to; a unit simply indicates the type of job they are better-suited at as well as to make things easier when Reinforcers have to move in groups in their duties. A Reinforcer is not required to be part of a unit, in which they act under the Guildmaster's direct supervision, albeit not as a member of the First Unit. An example for this non-unit Reinforcer is Senior Reinforcer Wheeler Macdowell from Carcocena branch, who has severe difficulty on working with groups despite his skills.

For easier understanding, here is an example of the organizational structure of Carcocena branch:

  • First Unit (Head: Guildmaster/Senior Reinforcer Leonard Ramtieger): Intelligence gathering and political matters.
  • Second Unit (Head: Senior Reinforcer Miller Crannan): Magecraft and tools maintenance.
  • Third Unit (Head: Senior Reinforcer Alex Branford): Cargo delivery and escort.
  • Fourth Unit (Head: Intermediate Reinforcer Luna Landell): City and town guards.
  • Fifth Unit (Head: Intermediate Reinforcer Walter Ramtieger): Support for existing units, direct service towards citizens.
  • Notable independents: Senior Reinforcer Wheeler Macdowell.

Becoming a Reinforcer

A citizen can become Reinforcer when they are at least 14 years old. Compared to the Royal Army, Reinforcers' Guild has generally looser prerequisites, but all candidates have to be made certain that they possess clearly good moral grounds before they are allowed to register. As such, while the Guild allows potentially problematic citizens such as reformed ex-prisoners, said candidates will act under very strict observation from the Guild until the day they are considered to have atoned enough for their crimes.

The examination to become a Reinforcer, as well as the duties assigned to them once they are accepted, do not always involve combat; instead, the examination and the assignments are tailored to work with the candidate's ability and potential. Candidates who have passed the exam will start out as a trainee Reinforcer under the guidance of an Intermediate or Senior Reinforcer, and they can become a full-fledged Reinforcer with Novice rank by passing another examination. Generally, it takes one or two years for a trainee to become a Novice Reinforcer.

When a Reinforcer candidate fails their examination, they are allowed to re-take the exam as many times as they please with at least one month interval between each exam. The conditions may differ for each examination, however, hence why it is usually recommended to try passing on the first attempt.

When someone has become a full-fledged Reinforcer, advancing through ranks becomes much more difficult. Periodically, the Reinforcer will be graded based on their performance by their Guildmaster and the Senior Reinforcers appointed to supervise them; however, these grades are not enough to advance through the ranks. The Reinforcer's ability to adapt with various situations and handle them in satisfying manner will be taken into consideration, as well as the citizens' appreciation for said Reinforcer.

How Reinforcer Works

A Reinforcer can be either given a job by the Branch Guild manager or head (Guildmaster), or they can choose the available ones from the bulletin board. These aren't obligatory, however; half of the time, the job is directly requested by a client instead of being posted on the board, in which the client has the obligation to report to the Guild afterwards. Also, in cases when another Reinforcer cannot fulfill their duty or during urgent conditions, a Reinforcer can take over, under the condition they have to give proper report to either the manager or Guildmaster once the job is finished. The rewards of each job vary, and depending on the conditions, a Reinforcer might gain extra rewards if they perform well enough.

The types of Reinforcers' jobs cover almost every aspect of life, from mundane tasks to critical ones like escort missions. It remains advised to take jobs suitable to said Reinforcer's concentration, however. The Reinforcers may also work together with local forces (such as town guards) to get their job done.

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Sola and aros are two of the most crucial components forming the world of Elescia. Simply put, the two refer to energy that makes the world as a whole - humans, plants, animals, the waters, even the world itself. Sola refers to the innate energy inside every living being inhabiting Elescia, while aros is used to describe the energy stored in the environment as a whole. Regardless of its nature, both sola and aros are said to originate from the Guardian Deities themselves and shall return to them when used; as long as the Guardians exist, humanity does not need to worry about the energy to run out someday.


To put the rough picture, sola is stored inside a living being like fuel stored inside a tank. The capacity of how much sola can be contained varies for each individual, and so does the natural regeneration rate. These factors inevitably affect how an individual shall live through their life; for example, those specializing in magic tend to have greater sola capacity than most, and it's possible for one's sola workings to affect their physical appearance. Sola capacitance generally grows over time, although it's possible to increase the threshold to push the growth even further through special training.


Aros generally refers to energy stored and used outside a living being, such as in the open air or inside machinery. Aros itself does not have fixed physical form, although certain amount of it can be condensed into liquid or crystal for more convenient usage. Living beings in Elescia are generally capable of restoring their sola naturally by absorbing aros in the air, although this generally takes time. On the flip side, when an individual uses magic using sola, the magic converts the sola into desired form before dissipates as pure aros into air.


There are several abnormalities those are capable of disrupting the working of sola and aros, namely:

  • Lack of sola capacitance in an individual. This abnormality is generally regarded as harmless since it merely prevents the affected individual from being able to use magic naturally. Usage of magecraft generally alleviates the problem, although this means the affected individual must regularly recharge their magecraft with aros to be able to use magic continuously.
  • Sola regeneration abnormality. In general, inhabitants of Elescia regenerate their sola reserve in small amount periodically and can be helped through eating or sleeping. There are cases, however, when the regeneration works faster or slower than usual, or unable to regenerate altogether in very rare cases.
  • Aros corruption is a special type of abnormality where the flow of aros is heavily distorted to the point of capable of harming living beings. For more information about this matter, please see Aros Corruption.
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In the folklore surrounding the creation of Elescia, it was said that the world was born along with divine forces known as Guardian Deities. Legends surrounding them varies from region to region, but most of them share a few things in common:

  • The existence of the world is tied to the Guardians itself. The world was born together with them, and shall the day come when Guardians cease to exist, it's very likely the world itself will come to an end.
  • The energy that makes every living being and the environment as a whole, namely sola and aros, supposedly came from the Guardians themselves, meaning that for as long as they exist, the inhabitants of this world do not need to worry about running out of said energy.
  • Related to the above, the ability of people to use magic heavily relies on the existence of the Guardians themselves. It was said that people of Ancient Elescia were capable of using magic far beyond what exists today, such as ability to revive the dead and manipulate time, and said ability was gone when the records of the related Guardian were erased from history.

Taking accounts on surviving legends in Elescia, there are approximately 62 Guardian Deities known in total. However, this number doesn't take into account on possible Guardian Deities those were lost from the history, as well as the possibility that a Guardian on a certain region is simply known by different name in another region.

Guardian Deities in Inserian Mythology: Elemental Lords

In the stories surrounding Ancient Inseria civilization, or at least the surviving ones, there exist a group of Guardian Deities known as Elemental Lords. Their existence allows humanity to manipulate the forces of nature to some extent; to put it simply, to use elemental magic. There are ten Elemental Lords known from the stories surviving to this day, namely:

  • Aqua Queen Aramis (Water)
    The Elemental Lord that rules over all bodies of water, Aramis is the closest Guardian Deity that is associated with life itself. The legend describes Aramis' appearance as a woman with bluish skin and hair wielding a trident, hence the title. Being the Guardian that is associated with life itself most, Aramis is generally regarded as the highest Guardian among the Elemental Lords.
  • Foliage Fairy Hillscrad (Tree/Forest)
    Said to be the ruler of all plants and forests, Guardian Hillscrad allegedly takes form of a small girl with leaf ornaments. It is stated that any withering plants those come into contact with Hillscrad directly will be revived and become more flourishing than ever.
  • Zephyr Rider Sylphede (Wind)
    The ruler of wind and flow of air, Sylphede's legend describes the Guardian as a small boy with wings. However, another tale has it that wind and air are not merely Sylphede's specialization, but also matters such as wave and sound.
  • Flame Dragon Agnos-Lhei (Fire)
    The conqueror of heat and fire Agnos-Lhei, as its name suggests, is described as a Guardian with draconic appearance. While generally associated with light and warmth, Agnos-Lhei is also associated with calamity; one legend states that when the end of the world comes, the world shall be reduced to ashes by Agnos-Lhei's final blaze.
  • Thunder Hammer Legroda (Lightning)
    The Guardian conquering spark and thunder, Legroda's appearance is stated to be a gigantic man wielding a massive hammer that causes sky-shattering lightning bolts every time it strikes. Due to the description of this Guardian's appearance, Legroda is generally associated with justice and judgment; several tales recite that when a gigantic lightning strikes over a man's land, then the people of the land had invited Legroda's wrath.
  • Shadow Sage Vriesius (Darkness)
    The Guardian that controls night and darkness, tales revolving Vriesius depict the Guardian as a pale old man covered in black cape. Despite the Guardian's generally grim association with darkness and death, Vriesius is also depicted as the Guardian governing knowledge and wisdom. This originates from an ancient teaching that in order to reach Guardian Encarda's blessing (enlightenment), one must familiarize themselves with Vriesius' trial (darkness and confusion) to overcome it, gaining knowledge along the way.
  • Radiant Wings Encarda (Light)
    The Guardian conquering sun and light, Encarda's tale describes the guardian as an androgynous human-like being with pure white wings. Legend has it that the light of the day originates from Encarda's wings spreading through the entire sky. In addition, Encarda is generally depicted as the ultimate destination of humanity as a whole: enlightenment and a bright, blessed life.
  • Frozen Spear Celsias (Ice)
    The Elemental Lord of winter and coldness, Celsias' tales paint the Guardian as an effeminate man with dark hair wielding crystal-like giant spear. While associated with death and calamity together with Agnos-Lhei and Vriesius, Celsias is also said to be representation of calmness and one's levelheaded nature. Celsias is said to have a bird that goes through cycle of life and death for eternity; upon its death, its remnants shall dissipate and fall into the world as the countless snow crystals.
  • Earth Golem Greido-Arg (Earth/Stone)
    The Guardian of stone and earth with an appearance of a gigantic golem, it's said that the planet itself is the actual body of Greido-Arg. Generally depicted as a Guardian ruling over land and fertility, Greido-Arg is occasionally described as the bearer of calamity, as legends said that earthquakes and landslides originate from the Guardian's uncontainable wrath. Another legend has it that shall the Guardians were threatened, Greido-Arg would be the first defense line for the Elemental Lords.
  • Force Guardian Malgion (Force/Power)
    The Elemental Lord associated with all kinds of force in the world. Unlike other Elemental Lords, Guardian Malgion doesn't possess definite physical form, although one legend stated that Malgion is always covered with transparent barrier that can crush anything it violently comes into contact with. It is said the ability for every living being to move around is a result of Guardian Malgion's blessing.
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The world of Elescia has several calendar systems. The most notable one, however, is Stellaria Calendar, which has been used worldwide for over two millennia. Other notable calendars include but not limited to Anima Calendar and Ancient Inseria Calendar, although for the most part, the latter had been rendered obsolete.

Stellaria Calendar
Also known as Garandio Calendar, the Stellaria system was proposed by renowned astronomer Leugitze Garandio six years before its first use. While now it is the most-used calendar system in the world, its widespread usage only began in 352 SC. As its name suggests, Stellaria system uses the position of celestial objects (stars), with the five greatest stars - Melanadi, Farga Fiel, Auricesia, Lyodo, and Rhanda Grende - as the objects of observation in determining the calendar.

Each year of Stellaria Calendar consists ten months which is divided into five days for each week, with 40 days in each odd-numbered month, while the even-numbered month has 45 days. There are a few exceptions to this rule, however. These months are:

  • Bleuna
  • Rengeis
  • Landa
  • Argol
  • Premia (43 days, 45 days every 5-6 years)
  • Aindris
  • Melcave
  • Landoh-Or (44 days)
  • Velsieu
  • Trameiel

Despite its long usage history, there are still several disagreements on how to determine the calendar exactly. The most glaring one occurs in the month of Premia, when the five stars are at their brightest point. Nonetheless, the Stellaria Calendar remains the most stable calendar system to date.

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Location: Aldasia Continent
Government type: Constitutional monarchy
Formation: ~1989 SC
Population: ~1,690,000 (as of 2387 SC)
Government type: Constitutional monarchy
Capital: Armieda
Currency: Escr
Ruler: Wilhelmius Alandor veu Elstrad (king), Boris Alsrann (prime minister)

One of the four countries in Aldasia Continent, Kingdom of Magdella is located in the northern part of the land, consisting the mainland and several islands as its territory. As of 2387 SC, this kingdom has a population of roughly 1.7 million citizens, although it should be noted that many areas in the kingdom remain isolated, thus the actual number may be larger. Although not the most technologically advanced country per se, Magdella is surrounded by fairly difficult terrain that makes it difficult for their enemies should an invasion befell the kingdom. The kingdom also boasts rich resources which indirectly contribute to the kingdom's advancement of magecraft technology, as shown in their utilization of magecraft in multiple aspects of life.

Born from a remnant of Ancient Inseria civilization, Kingdom of Magdella was found roughly six years after a huge war wiped most of the Inserians and destroyed the land of Aldasia. The name of the kingdom originated from its very first queen, Magdalia Leschaldeus Elstrad, who swore to rule the kingdom as "a redemption for the mistakes the Inserian people had done". The kingdom was allegedly built as a countermeasure against "the ones behind the destruction of Inseria", although the meaning behind it remains cryptic even among the scholars. Even today, no one except the royal family themselves and a select few people knows the royal family's true purpose.

The kingdom's overall territory consists the northern part of Aldasia Continent, as well as the areas surrounding Lesclenn Islands and Calaca Islands. Southern of the kingdom is the country of Arza-Feures Federation, while Carducann Kingdom lies eastwards. The natural borders among these countries consist Grestal Mountains Range and Elsonia Forest, although Kingdom of Magdella conquers only a small part of them, which are Lascaluna Valley and Mt. Brischelc.

There are roughly 1.3 million registered citizens in the kingdom, almost two-fifth of which work in naval-related jobs such as fishermen. Mining and farming are the most common jobs among the mainland citizens, although the overall occupations vary.

Due to the large amount of money required for formal education in higher levels, most citizens stop attending school once they're adolescent and opt to work instead; in fact, roughly 73% of the citizens' education record don't go beyond middle school, with presumably two-third of them are homeschooled instead. With the exception of certain jobs such as engineering, however, most occupations in Magdella do not require advanced education and can be mastered through short-term training, so even if not many of the citizens possess high-level education, most of them remain skilled in their fields of work.

Due to the rich resources it has, Kingdom of Magdella has been a target of numerous invasion attempts since its foundation throughout the history, which tends to be made worse by numerous internal conflicts happening in the kingdom. Among the incidents are the long-lasting border feuds between the kingdom and the states of Arza-Feures, which have become more frequent in the past decade. The perpetual conflicts have resulted in at least three known towns being wiped off of the map, and considering the number of the unregistered citizens, the actual number may be bigger.

It should be noted, however, that the political feuds tend to affect only mainland areas, so most of the time, things are relatively calm in offshore territories of the kingdom.

Natural Resources
In addition to high-concentration aros crystals, Magdella mines are rich of rare minerals essential for development of magecraft technology. Plants and animals are also abundant all over the kingdom, which export rate contributes to half of the kingdom's income. Among the popular commodities are, but not limited to, Elbern trouts and fruits from Meura Forest.

Dead Areas
Many settlements in Magdella have been wiped off of the map following numerous turmoils in the kingdom, in addition to several natural disasters from time to time. In the past century, these areas have been destroyed:

  • Town of Flendau, located in the easternmost end of Bestrel Tunnel in Calaca Isles, was destroyed by a massive tidal wave in Landa 2298 SC. The survivors had since moved to either the mainland or the island of Calaca, but the ruins remain. It is also rumored that the town was abandoned due to a mysterious plague, but no one has been able to confirm it. Rumors also have it that restless souls now inhabit the area...
  • Radhnoa Village, located in Magdella-Carducann border, was allegedly destroyed in a skirmish between the two countries in Velsieu 20, 2372 SC. There are no known survivors from the tragedy, but several individuals suspect there is a cover-up regarding the truth behind what happened in the incident.
  • Clesteca and Elvethe Villages, located in the southwest of Carcocena City, were destroyed in a civil war that broke out sometime in 2368 SC. Although Leonard Ramtieger and Remnas Gramford successfully put an end to the civil war, the devastation caused by it were proven to be too much, with signs of aros contamination appeared shortly after the war ended. The survivors moved to the nearby settlements afterwards, and although the contamination had been dispersed, the areas remain abandoned until today.
  • The settlements in Lascaluna Valley - notably Towns of Creda, Margi, and Lerdo - were wiped out following Lascaluna Disaster in 2376 SC. Very few people survived the incident, and the strong aros contamination following the incident had rendered the area inhabitable for at least next two hundred years. The area had since become off-limits even to the highest authorities of the kingdom, and anyone who wishes to enter must be extremely prepared in order to reduce the effects of aros contamination.
  • Ruins of Tastiela were what was supposedly left off after the war that wiped out the Ancient Inseria civilization over 400 years ago. It is said that only 8% or less of the ruins have been rediscovered, and since the ruins is located near the area where Lascaluna Disaster took place, entry has been strictly forbidden. Mysteriously, even after the nearby areas had been completely wiped out, the ruins remained steady.

Border Areas
Guarding the border between Magdella and Arza-Feures Federation is Grea-Vels Fortress, which becomes a critical defense point in numerous battles between the two countries. Aulgrad Gate stands in the relatively calmer eastern border, while naval defenses are centered in three cities: Orscra, Rondall, and Lestalva. These cities, however, are designed in such way that they seem harmless, but are actually well-prepared enough to engage in naval battles.

There are seven major cities in total, along with several smaller towns and villages those make up Magdella as a whole. Notable settlements in this kingdom include but not limited to:

  • Royal Capital of Armieda, as its name suggested, is the capital of Kingdom of Magdella. Government activities take place in this city, which is commonly populated by high-class citizens. Hacelya Royal Academy is located in the outer walls of the city, and entries to both areas are heavily guarded due to frequent discords happening near the areas.
  • Industrial City of Belkout is a city located near Lascaluna Valley, where magecraft machinery production takes place. Also known as "City of Steel", most buildings in Belkout consist steel-reinforced walls, and it also serves as a secondary defense line for the kingdom after Aulgrad Gate and Grea-Vels Fortress.
  • Rivers City of Carcocena, which is the third largest city in the kingdom after Armieda and Belkout, is built above the merging point of three rivers - Vernessa, Melsche, and Grestal, hence its name. Boats are the primary transportation method in this city, which is divided into four blocks - north, south, east, and west. This city is also a transit point for various cargoes in and out of the kingdom, which must undergo strict inspection from the Reinforcers' Guild before they can be transported. This city is also famous for its freshwater delicacies.
  • Submerged City of Lestalva is located in the center of Calaca Isles, built entirely above water. Despite its outward tourism-city appearance, Lestalva serves as one of the primary bases for Magdella's naval defense. Much like Carcocena, boats are primary transportation vehicles in this city. Unlike the former, however, Lestalva is also designed in such way to anticipate sea level changes in the city, which also doubles as one of the city's defense mechanisms. Similar to Carcocena, Lestalva's seafood delicacies are very popular.
  • International Port City of Orscra is one of Magdella's naval defense lines along with Lestalva and Rondall. Overseas visitors come through this city, and due to its nature, Orscra is defended by three sides at once: the Royal Army, the City Guards, and Reinforcers' Guild. Most of its citizens work to accommodate the busy life surrounding Orscra, ranging from opening restaurants to hard laborers in the port.
  • Albasia Lakeside Village is one of the more popular smaller settlements in the Kingdom of Magdella, which serves as both a tourist spot and transit place for travelers. This village is especially lively during summertime.
  • Arsel Village and Town of Loscrell are Kingdom of Magdella's primary mining resources suppliers, and heavy magecrafts can be seen all over the place in these places. Various minerals can be found in these settlements' mines, with Arsel titanium and Loscrell quartz becoming Magdellan magecrafts' primary materials. Plant resources are also quite abundant in these areas.
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Hidden Notes of Lascaluna is the first entry of Records of Elescia series, telling the tale of a group of people as they attempt to unravel the mystery behind a decade-old incident known as Lascaluna Disaster. Long cold after its remnants were forgotten from people's memories, the fragments of the incident eventually resurfaced themselves after eleven years without definite conclusion, but what awaits the seekers of truth may be much bigger - and much more dangerous - than they had initially bargained for...


Argol 23, year 2376 of Stellaria Calendar. An incident known as "Lascaluna Disaster" befalling the Kingdom of Magdella, claiming at least eight thousand lives of Her citizens and throwing at least one-third of the country into a state of chaos. Rumor has it that a blinding light appeared on the night of the day at the heart of Lascaluna Valley, immediately followed by a massive explosion that instantly engulfing the area in giant flames that reduced nearly the entirety of the valley into ashes.

With the ensuing chaos, the authorities had no choice but to enlist civilians' help to clean up the aftermath of the disaster. Among the civilians sent to investigate the incident was a Reinforcer named Leonard Ramtieger, a man hailed as national hero for his role in stopping the civil war that nearly teared the kingdom apart years ago. Together with his apprentice Maria Arthesta, they made their way through the ashen remains of the land.

Ultimately, the two Reinforcers stumbled upon a small child who survived the tragedy against all odds. The rescue turned out to be much difficult than it should have been, however; without warning, a mysterious individual ambushed Leonard and his student and proceeded to attack without mercy, as if not willing to let any of them to save the child. Seeing no other way to save the child, Maria chose to remain behind and stall time for her mentor to escape along with the child, without words of her whereabouts have been heard since. Despite his grief, Leonard resolved to take care of the child they just saved to honor her actions, raising the child as his own to become the younger brother of his only son, Walter.

Melcave 37, year 2387 of Stellaria Calendar. Eleven years after the incident, the small child - William - had grown into a normal young man thanks to his adoptive father's care. Together with Walter, the two decided to follow Leonard's footsteps as Reinforcer, spending their time helping the citizens while attempting to find clues of Will's past in their spare times.

The normalcy of their lives, however, eventually started to fall apart when the remnants of the long-cold Lascaluna Disaster case surfaced once again. Starting with what a seemingly simple cargo retrieval mission, the two stumbled upon an boy emanating malevolence similar to the person that caused Maria's disappearance those years ago, kicking off the series of events that would be far beyond everything they had ever seen.

However, this is their last chance. This is everyone's sole chance to give a closure for the Lascaluna Disaster case for good, and hopefully, to bring justice for the countless victims who lost their lives and forgotten in the tragedy those years prior...

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