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Hidden Notes of Lascaluna is the first entry of Records of Elescia series, telling the tale of a group of people as they attempt to unravel the mystery behind a decade-old incident known as Lascaluna Disaster. Long cold after its remnants were forgotten from people's memories, the fragments of the incident eventually resurfaced themselves after eleven years without definite conclusion, but what awaits the seekers of truth may be much bigger - and much more dangerous - than they had initially bargained for...


Argol 23, year 2376 of Stellaria Calendar. An incident known as "Lascaluna Disaster" befalling the Kingdom of Magdella, claiming at least eight thousand lives of Her citizens and throwing at least one-third of the country into a state of chaos. Rumor has it that a blinding light appeared on the night of the day at the heart of Lascaluna Valley, immediately followed by a massive explosion that instantly engulfing the area in giant flames that reduced nearly the entirety of the valley into ashes.

With the ensuing chaos, the authorities had no choice but to enlist civilians' help to clean up the aftermath of the disaster. Among the civilians sent to investigate the incident was a Reinforcer named Leonard Ramtieger, a man hailed as national hero for his role in stopping the civil war that nearly teared the kingdom apart years ago. Together with his apprentice Maria Arthesta, they made their way through the ashen remains of the land.

Ultimately, the two Reinforcers stumbled upon a small child who survived the tragedy against all odds. The rescue turned out to be much difficult than it should have been, however; without warning, a mysterious individual ambushed Leonard and his student and proceeded to attack without mercy, as if not willing to let any of them to save the child. Seeing no other way to save the child, Maria chose to remain behind and stall time for her mentor to escape along with the child, without words of her whereabouts have been heard since. Despite his grief, Leonard resolved to take care of the child they just saved to honor her actions, raising the child as his own to become the younger brother of his only son, Walter.

Melcave 37, year 2387 of Stellaria Calendar. Eleven years after the incident, the small child - William - had grown into a normal young man thanks to his adoptive father's care. Together with Walter, the two decided to follow Leonard's footsteps as Reinforcer, spending their time helping the citizens while attempting to find clues of Will's past in their spare times.

The normalcy of their lives, however, eventually started to fall apart when the remnants of the long-cold Lascaluna Disaster case surfaced once again. Starting with what a seemingly simple cargo retrieval mission, the two stumbled upon an boy emanating malevolence similar to the person that caused Maria's disappearance those years ago, kicking off the series of events that would be far beyond everything they had ever seen.

However, this is their last chance. This is everyone's sole chance to give a closure for the Lascaluna Disaster case for good, and hopefully, to bring justice for the countless victims who lost their lives and forgotten in the tragedy those years prior...


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