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Sola and aros are two of the most crucial components forming the world of Elescia. Simply put, the two refer to energy that makes the world as a whole - humans, plants, animals, the waters, even the world itself. Sola refers to the innate energy inside every living being inhabiting Elescia, while aros is used to describe the energy stored in the environment as a whole. Regardless of its nature, both sola and aros are said to originate from the Guardian Deities themselves and shall return to them when used; as long as the Guardians exist, humanity does not need to worry about the energy to run out someday.


To put the rough picture, sola is stored inside a living being like fuel stored inside a tank. The capacity of how much sola can be contained varies for each individual, and so does the natural regeneration rate. These factors inevitably affect how an individual shall live through their life; for example, those specializing in magic tend to have greater sola capacity than most, and it's possible for one's sola workings to affect their physical appearance. Sola capacitance generally grows over time, although it's possible to increase the threshold to push the growth even further through special training.


Aros generally refers to energy stored and used outside a living being, such as in the open air or inside machinery. Aros itself does not have fixed physical form, although certain amount of it can be condensed into liquid or crystal for more convenient usage. Living beings in Elescia are generally capable of restoring their sola naturally by absorbing aros in the air, although this generally takes time. On the flip side, when an individual uses magic using sola, the magic converts the sola into desired form before dissipates as pure aros into air.


There are several abnormalities those are capable of disrupting the working of sola and aros, namely:

  • Lack of sola capacitance in an individual. This abnormality is generally regarded as harmless since it merely prevents the affected individual from being able to use magic naturally. Usage of magecraft generally alleviates the problem, although this means the affected individual must regularly recharge their magecraft with aros to be able to use magic continuously.
  • Sola regeneration abnormality. In general, inhabitants of Elescia regenerate their sola reserve in small amount periodically and can be helped through eating or sleeping. There are cases, however, when the regeneration works faster or slower than usual, or unable to regenerate altogether in very rare cases.
  • Aros corruption is a special type of abnormality where the flow of aros is heavily distorted to the point of capable of harming living beings. For more information about this matter, please see Aros Corruption.


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