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Location: Aldasia Continent
Government type: Constitutional monarchy
Formation: ~1989 SC
Population: ~1,690,000 (as of 2387 SC)
Government type: Constitutional monarchy
Capital: Armieda
Currency: Escr
Ruler: Wilhelmius Alandor veu Elstrad (king), Boris Alsrann (prime minister)

One of the four countries in Aldasia Continent, Kingdom of Magdella is located in the northern part of the land, consisting the mainland and several islands as its territory. As of 2387 SC, this kingdom has a population of roughly 1.7 million citizens, although it should be noted that many areas in the kingdom remain isolated, thus the actual number may be larger. Although not the most technologically advanced country per se, Magdella is surrounded by fairly difficult terrain that makes it difficult for their enemies should an invasion befell the kingdom. The kingdom also boasts rich resources which indirectly contribute to the kingdom's advancement of magecraft technology, as shown in their utilization of magecraft in multiple aspects of life.

Born from a remnant of Ancient Inseria civilization, Kingdom of Magdella was found roughly six years after a huge war wiped most of the Inserians and destroyed the land of Aldasia. The name of the kingdom originated from its very first queen, Magdalia Leschaldeus Elstrad, who swore to rule the kingdom as "a redemption for the mistakes the Inserian people had done". The kingdom was allegedly built as a countermeasure against "the ones behind the destruction of Inseria", although the meaning behind it remains cryptic even among the scholars. Even today, no one except the royal family themselves and a select few people knows the royal family's true purpose.

The kingdom's overall territory consists the northern part of Aldasia Continent, as well as the areas surrounding Lesclenn Islands and Calaca Islands. Southern of the kingdom is the country of Arza-Feures Federation, while Carducann Kingdom lies eastwards. The natural borders among these countries consist Grestal Mountains Range and Elsonia Forest, although Kingdom of Magdella conquers only a small part of them, which are Lascaluna Valley and Mt. Brischelc.

There are roughly 1.3 million registered citizens in the kingdom, almost two-fifth of which work in naval-related jobs such as fishermen. Mining and farming are the most common jobs among the mainland citizens, although the overall occupations vary.

Due to the large amount of money required for formal education in higher levels, most citizens stop attending school once they're adolescent and opt to work instead; in fact, roughly 73% of the citizens' education record don't go beyond middle school, with presumably two-third of them are homeschooled instead. With the exception of certain jobs such as engineering, however, most occupations in Magdella do not require advanced education and can be mastered through short-term training, so even if not many of the citizens possess high-level education, most of them remain skilled in their fields of work.

Due to the rich resources it has, Kingdom of Magdella has been a target of numerous invasion attempts since its foundation throughout the history, which tends to be made worse by numerous internal conflicts happening in the kingdom. Among the incidents are the long-lasting border feuds between the kingdom and the states of Arza-Feures, which have become more frequent in the past decade. The perpetual conflicts have resulted in at least three known towns being wiped off of the map, and considering the number of the unregistered citizens, the actual number may be bigger.

It should be noted, however, that the political feuds tend to affect only mainland areas, so most of the time, things are relatively calm in offshore territories of the kingdom.

Natural Resources
In addition to high-concentration aros crystals, Magdella mines are rich of rare minerals essential for development of magecraft technology. Plants and animals are also abundant all over the kingdom, which export rate contributes to half of the kingdom's income. Among the popular commodities are, but not limited to, Elbern trouts and fruits from Meura Forest.

Dead Areas
Many settlements in Magdella have been wiped off of the map following numerous turmoils in the kingdom, in addition to several natural disasters from time to time. In the past century, these areas have been destroyed:

  • Town of Flendau, located in the easternmost end of Bestrel Tunnel in Calaca Isles, was destroyed by a massive tidal wave in Landa 2298 SC. The survivors had since moved to either the mainland or the island of Calaca, but the ruins remain. It is also rumored that the town was abandoned due to a mysterious plague, but no one has been able to confirm it. Rumors also have it that restless souls now inhabit the area...
  • Radhnoa Village, located in Magdella-Carducann border, was allegedly destroyed in a skirmish between the two countries in Velsieu 20, 2372 SC. There are no known survivors from the tragedy, but several individuals suspect there is a cover-up regarding the truth behind what happened in the incident.
  • Clesteca and Elvethe Villages, located in the southwest of Carcocena City, were destroyed in a civil war that broke out sometime in 2368 SC. Although Leonard Ramtieger and Remnas Gramford successfully put an end to the civil war, the devastation caused by it were proven to be too much, with signs of aros contamination appeared shortly after the war ended. The survivors moved to the nearby settlements afterwards, and although the contamination had been dispersed, the areas remain abandoned until today.
  • The settlements in Lascaluna Valley - notably Towns of Creda, Margi, and Lerdo - were wiped out following Lascaluna Disaster in 2376 SC. Very few people survived the incident, and the strong aros contamination following the incident had rendered the area inhabitable for at least next two hundred years. The area had since become off-limits even to the highest authorities of the kingdom, and anyone who wishes to enter must be extremely prepared in order to reduce the effects of aros contamination.
  • Ruins of Tastiela were what was supposedly left off after the war that wiped out the Ancient Inseria civilization over 400 years ago. It is said that only 8% or less of the ruins have been rediscovered, and since the ruins is located near the area where Lascaluna Disaster took place, entry has been strictly forbidden. Mysteriously, even after the nearby areas had been completely wiped out, the ruins remained steady.

Border Areas
Guarding the border between Magdella and Arza-Feures Federation is Grea-Vels Fortress, which becomes a critical defense point in numerous battles between the two countries. Aulgrad Gate stands in the relatively calmer eastern border, while naval defenses are centered in three cities: Orscra, Rondall, and Lestalva. These cities, however, are designed in such way that they seem harmless, but are actually well-prepared enough to engage in naval battles.

There are seven major cities in total, along with several smaller towns and villages those make up Magdella as a whole. Notable settlements in this kingdom include but not limited to:

  • Royal Capital of Armieda, as its name suggested, is the capital of Kingdom of Magdella. Government activities take place in this city, which is commonly populated by high-class citizens. Hacelya Royal Academy is located in the outer walls of the city, and entries to both areas are heavily guarded due to frequent discords happening near the areas.
  • Industrial City of Belkout is a city located near Lascaluna Valley, where magecraft machinery production takes place. Also known as "City of Steel", most buildings in Belkout consist steel-reinforced walls, and it also serves as a secondary defense line for the kingdom after Aulgrad Gate and Grea-Vels Fortress.
  • Rivers City of Carcocena, which is the third largest city in the kingdom after Armieda and Belkout, is built above the merging point of three rivers - Vernessa, Melsche, and Grestal, hence its name. Boats are the primary transportation method in this city, which is divided into four blocks - north, south, east, and west. This city is also a transit point for various cargoes in and out of the kingdom, which must undergo strict inspection from the Reinforcers' Guild before they can be transported. This city is also famous for its freshwater delicacies.
  • Submerged City of Lestalva is located in the center of Calaca Isles, built entirely above water. Despite its outward tourism-city appearance, Lestalva serves as one of the primary bases for Magdella's naval defense. Much like Carcocena, boats are primary transportation vehicles in this city. Unlike the former, however, Lestalva is also designed in such way to anticipate sea level changes in the city, which also doubles as one of the city's defense mechanisms. Similar to Carcocena, Lestalva's seafood delicacies are very popular.
  • International Port City of Orscra is one of Magdella's naval defense lines along with Lestalva and Rondall. Overseas visitors come through this city, and due to its nature, Orscra is defended by three sides at once: the Royal Army, the City Guards, and Reinforcers' Guild. Most of its citizens work to accommodate the busy life surrounding Orscra, ranging from opening restaurants to hard laborers in the port.
  • Albasia Lakeside Village is one of the more popular smaller settlements in the Kingdom of Magdella, which serves as both a tourist spot and transit place for travelers. This village is especially lively during summertime.
  • Arsel Village and Town of Loscrell are Kingdom of Magdella's primary mining resources suppliers, and heavy magecrafts can be seen all over the place in these places. Various minerals can be found in these settlements' mines, with Arsel titanium and Loscrell quartz becoming Magdellan magecrafts' primary materials. Plant resources are also quite abundant in these areas.
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