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The world of Elescia has several calendar systems. The most notable one, however, is Stellaria Calendar, which has been used worldwide for over two millennia. Other notable calendars include but not limited to Anima Calendar and Ancient Inseria Calendar, although for the most part, the latter had been rendered obsolete.

Stellaria Calendar
Also known as Garandio Calendar, the Stellaria system was proposed by renowned astronomer Leugitze Garandio six years before its first use. While now it is the most-used calendar system in the world, its widespread usage only began in 352 SC. As its name suggests, Stellaria system uses the position of celestial objects (stars), with the five greatest stars - Melanadi, Farga Fiel, Auricesia, Lyodo, and Rhanda Grende - as the objects of observation in determining the calendar.

Each year of Stellaria Calendar consists ten months which is divided into five days for each week, with 40 days in each odd-numbered month, while the even-numbered month has 45 days. There are a few exceptions to this rule, however. These months are:

  • Bleuna
  • Rengeis
  • Landa
  • Argol
  • Premia (43 days, 45 days every 5-6 years)
  • Aindris
  • Melcave
  • Landoh-Or (44 days)
  • Velsieu
  • Trameiel

Despite its long usage history, there are still several disagreements on how to determine the calendar exactly. The most glaring one occurs in the month of Premia, when the five stars are at their brightest point. Nonetheless, the Stellaria Calendar remains the most stable calendar system to date.

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