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Reinforcer, to put it in a way, is the rough equivalent of a police in Kingdom of Magdella. As the name suggests, the purpose of a Reinforcer is to support those they lend their service to - specifically, the citizens of the kingdom. Starting out as part of the Royal Army, the Reinforcers eventually gained greater authority over time before they finally became their own independent force under Reinforcers' Guild.

The Reinforcers' Guild central command is located in the Capital City of Armieda, while the branch Guilds are spread throughout the country in the major settlements of the kingdom. Each branch is headed by a Guildmaster who commands several units, all of which are tailored to suit the settlement's condition; for example, the Belkout branch has several units specializing in magecraft, while Loscrell branch has a few units dedicated for mining works. A Reinforcer must always be registered under certain branch; those with high mobility may opt to register themselves under Central Branch affiliation to make paperwork easier.


Initially formed as part of Magdellan Royal Army in 2358 SC, Reinforcers started out as nothing but "PR division" following the Army's declining popularity among citizens after the death of Crown Princess Eshterine Vieria Elscrad in a coup d'etat attempt by Major General Renall Heschlett. The formation also serves to answer public demand for a citizens-oriented force that will protect them directly in times of danger, so most of the candidates were drafted from citizens themselves. Among the first few Reinforcers were Senior Reinforcer Leonard Ramtieger - in the present serving as the Guildmaster of Carcocena Branch - and Remnas Gramford, whose son Felrean now serves as the Guildmaster of Orscra Branch.

Due to its formation during one of the kingdom's most difficult times, Reinforcers were not warmly welcomed at first; they were often treated like dirt and given ridiculous tasks with no gratitude at all in return. At least one-fourth of the initial Reinforcers resigned as a result due to the poor treatment they received, which was not helped by most of the higher authorities of the Royal Army turning a blind eye on them. Naturally, this served only to worsen the Army's face as a whole, to the point the Reinforcers almost met their disbandment due to how much this movement had backfired on them.

Those who stayed, however, ultimately won the well-deserved respect people had owed to them for so long.

Eight months after the Reinforcers' initial formation, the Kingdom of Magdella was engaged in another conflict against the Federation of Arza-Feures, threatening the citizens living near the border. The situation finally hit its worst when several rogue soldiers from the Federation attempted to occupy the towns in Lascaluna region, taking numerous workers in the now-defunct mines of Lascaluna as hostages. This incident incited the anger of Magdellan citizens, threatening an all-out war between the two countries.

With most of the main force of the Royal Army being engaged in skirmishes throughout the Magdellan-Federation border, any attempt to rescue the hostages was left to the Reinforcers - something that could be considered downright suicidal due to how outnumbered they were. Against all odds, however, the Reinforcers managed to pull through the rescue mission with few casualties thanks to Leonard and Remnas' plan, as well as the help from an Army detachment led by Elsa Berschere. The Reinforcers' heroic action turned citizens' opinion on them, and the relatively peaceful resolution on the matter eventually helped to defuse the conflict between the kingdom and the Federation.

Following Leonard and Remnas' success, the sympathy for the Reinforcers continued to grow, and many citizens eventually aspired to become Reinforcers as well. Their popularity eventually helped them to gain more authorities among the kingdom's law enforcers, and when it became increasingly clear that the Reinforcers had grown too big to remain as part of the Royal Army, the Reinforcers finally became their own independent force in 2359 SC under the banner of Reinforcers' Guild. Although Leonard played a huge role in the improvement of the Reinforcers' condition, he refused to take part in the Guild's leadership and instead left it to Remnas, only stepping up as a Guildmaster years later after Remnas retired from the Guild following his wife's failing health.

Organizational Structure

A Reinforcers' Guild is headed by a Guildmaster, with the one stationed in the Capital generally regarded as the one with the highest authority. Each guild consists several units, all of which are led by Reinforcers with at least Intermediate rank and excellent track record. The Guildmasters themselves double as the leaders of their respective branch's First Unit, which generally focus on high-difficulty tasks; to put it simply, the elite unit.

It should be noted that despite the structure, a Reinforcer's duty is not limited to the unit they belong to; a unit simply indicates the type of job they are better-suited at as well as to make things easier when Reinforcers have to move in groups in their duties. A Reinforcer is not required to be part of a unit, in which they act under the Guildmaster's direct supervision, albeit not as a member of the First Unit. An example for this non-unit Reinforcer is Senior Reinforcer Wheeler Macdowell from Carcocena branch, who has severe difficulty on working with groups despite his skills.

For easier understanding, here is an example of the organizational structure of Carcocena branch:

  • First Unit (Head: Guildmaster/Senior Reinforcer Leonard Ramtieger): Intelligence gathering and political matters.
  • Second Unit (Head: Senior Reinforcer Miller Crannan): Magecraft and tools maintenance.
  • Third Unit (Head: Senior Reinforcer Alex Branford): Cargo delivery and escort.
  • Fourth Unit (Head: Intermediate Reinforcer Luna Landell): City and town guards.
  • Fifth Unit (Head: Intermediate Reinforcer Walter Ramtieger): Support for existing units, direct service towards citizens.
  • Notable independents: Senior Reinforcer Wheeler Macdowell.

Becoming a Reinforcer

A citizen can become Reinforcer when they are at least 14 years old. Compared to the Royal Army, Reinforcers' Guild has generally looser prerequisites, but all candidates have to be made certain that they possess clearly good moral grounds before they are allowed to register. As such, while the Guild allows potentially problematic citizens such as reformed ex-prisoners, said candidates will act under very strict observation from the Guild until the day they are considered to have atoned enough for their crimes.

The examination to become a Reinforcer, as well as the duties assigned to them once they are accepted, do not always involve combat; instead, the examination and the assignments are tailored to work with the candidate's ability and potential. Candidates who have passed the exam will start out as a trainee Reinforcer under the guidance of an Intermediate or Senior Reinforcer, and they can become a full-fledged Reinforcer with Novice rank by passing another examination. Generally, it takes one or two years for a trainee to become a Novice Reinforcer.

When a Reinforcer candidate fails their examination, they are allowed to re-take the exam as many times as they please with at least one month interval between each exam. The conditions may differ for each examination, however, hence why it is usually recommended to try passing on the first attempt.

When someone has become a full-fledged Reinforcer, advancing through ranks becomes much more difficult. Periodically, the Reinforcer will be graded based on their performance by their Guildmaster and the Senior Reinforcers appointed to supervise them; however, these grades are not enough to advance through the ranks. The Reinforcer's ability to adapt with various situations and handle them in satisfying manner will be taken into consideration, as well as the citizens' appreciation for said Reinforcer.

How Reinforcer Works

A Reinforcer can be either given a job by the Branch Guild manager or head (Guildmaster), or they can choose the available ones from the bulletin board. These aren't obligatory, however; half of the time, the job is directly requested by a client instead of being posted on the board, in which the client has the obligation to report to the Guild afterwards. Also, in cases when another Reinforcer cannot fulfill their duty or during urgent conditions, a Reinforcer can take over, under the condition they have to give proper report to either the manager or Guildmaster once the job is finished. The rewards of each job vary, and depending on the conditions, a Reinforcer might gain extra rewards if they perform well enough.

The types of Reinforcers' jobs cover almost every aspect of life, from mundane tasks to critical ones like escort missions. It remains advised to take jobs suitable to said Reinforcer's concentration, however. The Reinforcers may also work together with local forces (such as town guards) to get their job done.


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