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Elicia Rutherford

     "...'Midget', you said? I didn't mishear anything just now, am I? All right, this is it...you're in for some hellfire!"

Age: 16 (Rengeis 44, 2371 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Royal Capital Branch / Royal Academy of Hacelya
Rank: Trainee Reinforcer
Height/Weight: 153 cm/46 kg

A trainee Reinforcer registered under the Royal Capital Reinforcers' Guild branch, Elicia is also a student in the Royal Academy of Hacelya. Born from a family of legendary alchemists dating back from Ancient Inseria, Elicia has the natural talent and interest for the field despite said knowledge had long dwindled down in the branch of her family. As a student, she is intelligent and hardworking, but resentment and jealousy from her peers has turned her into an abrasive and difficult person. Nonetheless, she is an innately kind and caring person, as far as her sister Althene and surrogate older brother Roan attested. She seems to have peculiar fondness towards fire, something that is especially apparent when anyone hits her sore spot: her height.

Althene Rutherford

     "I'm sure Mother doesn't want to be forgotten, that's why my sister picked up where she left off. Still...I just wish we could reconcile with Father, somehow...I don't want Sis to shoulder everything by herself just because she doesn't want me to resent Father the way she does."

Age: 14 (Argol 7, 2373 SC)
Affiliation: None
Rank: None
Height/Weight: 155 cm/42 kg

Younger sister of Elicia Rutherford, Althene spends most of her life in their late mother's workshop after an incident caused her to lose most of her ability to walk and turned the relationship between their father and her sister sour. While lacking the combat prowess her sister possesses, Althene is almost as intelligent as she is and can be frequently seen helping Elicia around. Althene's personality contrasts heavily with Elicia, but she greatly admires her elder sister and aspires to become as good as her sister is. However, the very fact that their father strongly opposes Elicia's path deeply troubles her, and she inadvertently sees herself as a burden for both her sister and father due to her condition.


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