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Felrean Gramford

     "Such a deceit, isn't it, what your eyes just gave you to see? That's why you need to trust your other senses as well; when one lies, the others will guide you to the truth."

Age: 26 (Trameiel 7, 2360 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Orscra Port Branch, 1st Unit
Rank: Senior Reinforcer / Guildmaster / Unit Leader
Height/Weight: 185 cm/77 kg

Younger son of former Reinforcer Remnas Gramford, Felrean is a close acquaintance of Leonard Ramtieger and a skilled swordsman in his own right. Formerly a knight serving the Royal Guards with his elder brother Altegrus, a certain incident during Lascaluna Disaster forced them to retire as well as causing the loss of one of his eyes. Today, Felrean serves as a Reinforcer, highly regarded for his skills and experience as a Guildmaster despite his young age and the rough start of his career. He is close to Anlier, although the two deny that they're together whatsoever...to no one's belief.

Anlier Leimdall

     "I must say, I'm scared. More than anyone else, I'm scared of my own nature...the fact that I'm different from many people. But Felrean...no, the entire Gramford family...and my mother, too, accepted me unquestioningly. That's why...I have to fight off my fear."

Age: Unknown
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Orscra Port Branch, 2nd Unit
Rank: Intermediate Reinforcer
Height/Weight: 163 cm/56 kg

A young woman found by Felrean and his brother Altegrus during the Lascaluna incident amidst the remains of Lascaluna Warfare Research Facility. Not much is known regarding her background as she also seems reluctant to talk about it, but it's clear that she is truly grateful towards the Gramford family who took her in and is very devoted to them - especially Felrean. Despite her gentle and graceful appearance, she is a skilled combatant in her own right - possibly surpassing Felrean. It's also suspected that she is related to Will somehow due to possessing natural regenerative ability seen on him as well, but how exactly they're related, no one knows...


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