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Walter Ramtieger

     "Oh, for the love of--can't you let me spend one day off in peace for once?! (sigh) ...Never mind, I'll take care of it."

Age: 23 (Premia 17, 2364 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Carcocena Branch, 5th Unit
Rank: Intermediate Reinforcer / Unit Leader
Height/Weight: 184 cm/78 kg

An Intermediate Reinforcer hailing from Carcocena, Walter is the biological son of renowned hero Leonard Ramtieger. True to his lineage, he possesses remarkable combat skills and strong sense of justice, making him a reliable figure for many situations despite his relatively young age. Together with his father, he seeks to unearth the secrets surrounding the long-cold case of Lascaluna Disaster, which is seemingly tied to his adoptive brother William's mysterious past.

William Ramtieger

     "Um, just leave it to me. Nothing can harm me easily, remember?"

Age: 19 (Unknown date, 2368 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Carcocena Branch, 5th Unit
Rank: Novice Reinforcer
Height/Weight: 159 cm/51 kg

Leonard Ramtieger's adopted son and Walter's younger brother, Will serves as a Novice Reinforcer together with his elder brother and surrogate sister Stella. Despite his timid appearance and lack of blood ties, his spirit and abilities nonetheless prove that he is a Ramtieger through and through. Found amidst the charred land of Lascaluna eleven years ago, much of Will's background remains mystery for many to this day, including but not limited to his combat skills and natural regenerative ability.

Stella Lamgris

     "You should've been aware by now that you're not good at hiding things, Walter. Not in front of me...see? There goes the troubled face again."

Age: 21 (Melcave 14, 2366 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Carcocena Branch, 5th Unit
Rank: Intermediate Reinforcer
Height/Weight: 161 cm/55 kg

Daughter of a renowned blacksmith and Leonard Ramtieger's trusted friend Adrian Lamgris, Stella is a childhood friend of Walter and Will as well as the closest person they consider a family outside the Ramtieger circle. A skilled blacksmith and combatant in her own right, Stella possesses an almost monstrous innate strength that is easily camouflaged by her petite appearance, capable of terrifying anyone who had witnessed her strength first-hand. While she has rather fierce temper, Stella's insightful and empathic nature makes her a valuable ally for people around her.

Clarisse Arthesta

     "Psh, I'll even bet my escr on the 170-year-old Lennoix champange...when the boss isn't around, that is."

Age: 24 (Rengeis 33, 2363 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Carcocena Branch, 3rd Unit
Rank: Senior Reinforcer
Height/Weight: 174 cm/66 kg

A Senior Reinforcer stationed in 3rd unit of Carcocena branch, Clarisse is the younger sister of Senior Reinforcer Maria Arthesta who went missing eleven years ago during Lascaluna Disaster. A skilled Reinforcer through and through, she lives up to her sister's name despite their hugely contrasting personality and her own insecurities for being overshadowed by the tale of Maria's achievements. Despite her apparent irresponsibility due to her easygoing nature and drinking habit, her ability to remain calm in all kinds of situations is exactly why a lot of people put their trust on her.

Leonard Ramtieger

     "My beloved wife, my student...the person my son considered as his own elder sister...I had lost them. Then I nearly lost my own son too. What I wouldn't do to protect my children? Nothing. If I have to dirty my hands along the way and let myself fall from grace for their sake, so be it."

Age: 50 (Landoh-Or 18, 2336 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Carcocena Branch, 1st Unit
Rank: Senior Reinforcer / Guildmaster / Unit Leader
Height/Weight: 187 cm / 85 kg

Walter and William Ramtieger's father, Leonard is a veteran Reinforcer who is hailed as a national hero for his countless contribution for the kingdom and, more importantly, Her citizens as a whole. A man who is able to see potentials inside anyone under his wing and help them grow, he instills respect and loyalty even from his most difficult subordinates. As one of the first-generation Reinforcers still serving to this day, Leonard possesses vast knowledge regarding the kingdom's on-goings and experience to back it up, but said knowledge was also paid by the death of his wife and disappearance of one of his most trusted students. Perhaps for this reason, he is more than willing to do anything for his children's well-being, no matter what underhanded methods he has to use for that end...

Wheeler Macdowell

     "...I see, your unconditional devotion...that is your source of strength. But remember well, Walter. Often, the seemingly noble things are the ones that end up breaking one's spirit. Such devotion is no exception."

Age: 24 (Landa 16, 2363 SC)
Affiliation: Reinforcers' Guild of Carcocena Branch
Rank: Senior Reinforcer
Height/Weight: 178 cm / 71 kg

A Senior Reinforcer under Leonard Ramtieger's wing, although he works independently instead of being part of the Guildmaster-led First Unit. Cold and no-nonsensical, Wheeler is a skilled Reinforcer whose ability rivals many members of the First Unit, but his unfriendliness and difficulty to work with others make him unsuitable for regular duties. Not much is known regarding his background apart from the fact that Leonard took him in as a Reinforcer trainee years ago, so not many dare to question his ability despite their reluctance to trust him. He seems to have particular sore spot towards the Lascaluna Disaster case, judging from his rather antagonistic reaction towards Will.


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