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A magecraft is a special type of machinery dedicated for generating or making use of magic based on the Guardian Deities' power. The magecraft technology is an almost inseparable part of the modern world of Elescia, with 73% of the existing machinery in the world are designed and operated based on the Guardians' magic. Application of magecraft ranges from daily needs such as heater and stove into large-scale weapons for war.

General Construction of Magecraft

Regardless of its application, a magecraft is generally comprised of these essential components:

  • Power unit
    The most crucial section of a magecraft is its power unit, which serves to process aros or its user's sola reserve. When activated, a certain amount of energy will be drawn from the energy source based on the signal received from the elemental oscillator unit to be converted into usable spell by the spell generation unit. Once the conversion process is finished, the spell will be released automatically through casting unit which can be located inside or outside the magecraft system.
  • Elemental oscillator unit
    Another important part of a magecraft is its elemental oscillator unit, which consists several circuits or quartz crystals those generate signals with frequencies those correspond with certain elementals. Aside from the elemental-indicator signals, a clock signal of fixed frequency is also generated to indicate the length and pattern of the combined signal. These signals are then transmitted to other units to generate the desired spell.
  • Spell generation unit
    After the pattern of the spell and the required amount of energy are determined, the next step is to process them through spell generation unit - also known as power conversion unit. The complexity of a spell generation unit depends on the purpose of the magecraft; for example, a heater magecraft for home usage will have much simpler spell generator unit compared to the one used in industrial activities.


Before getting their hands on a magecraft, a potential user is advised to possess the basic skill and knowledge required to keep their magecraft in check. The most basic task one need to be able to do with their magecraft is recharging the energy reserve, as well as replacing the signal generating parts in the elemental oscillator unit. The required parts for these tasks are widely available in magecraft workshops at relatively affordable prices.

While the aforementioned actions are generally enough to ensure a magecraft's sustainability, it is also recommended to bring the magecraft to the nearest workshop for periodical check. Failure in crucial parts such as spell generation unit may happen without warning, and the delicate nature of these sections requires high caution for their care.

Magecraft Jamming

A magecraft jamming is the situation when a magecraft's internal working is disturbed, thus preventing the magecraft from working properly if not disabling it altogether. Magecraft jamming is usually employed on purpose through anti-magecraft perimeters, although certain places in Elescia have particular environmental characteristics that may cause this phenomenon.

There are several ways for the jamming to happen:

  • The disruption towards the signal from the elemental oscillator unit, usually through noises of the same frequency as the oscillator unit's clock signal.
  • Disturbance towards the mechanical system of the magecraft, one of which may happen in areas with strong magnetic field.
  • Power unit malfunctioning, such as by interfering with the flow of sola or aros inside the magecraft.

While not always effective, there are several ways to prevent magecraft jamming; replacing the clock signal generator with a compatible different frequency generator and shielding magecraft being the most common methods to solve the problem. Preventing power flow disruption, however, is generally more difficult, especially in areas affected by aros corruption. One must always take caution when attempting to fix the jamming problem, as the taken course of action may end up permanently damaging the magecraft when done poorly.

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